Trade in pharmaceuticals is constantly growing, FIDEL is ready to meet every need of its customers.

As a result of data published by Eurostat, in 2016 the European Union is an important worldwide player of medicinal and pharmaceutical products, with total exports of 144.2 billion and imports at EUR 75.4 billion. Italy still remains an important market, in 2016 it exported medicines for a value of almost 7.5 billion but imported for EUR 7.8 billion. Since 2002, trade in medicinal and pharmaceutical products has been growing continuously. The non-EU trade has almost tripled from 2002 to 2016, which means an average annual growth of 7.8% (from 76 billion in 2002 to 220 billion in 2016). The transport of drugs is regulated by a series of prescriptions, which are essential for the safety of consumers. The signals are positive and the trend is constantly growing. FIDEL Transport & Logistics invests in state-of-the-art technology to guarantee its customers a transport that respects the highest quality standards. The Decree of 6 July 1999 of the Ministry of Health specifies that "the means used for the transport of medicinal products must be equipped with equipment to guarantee the appropriate transport temperature and compliance with sanitary standards". Fidel has specialized systems for delivering medicines and pharmaceuticals, complete and highly reliable services for the transport of products that require certain environmental and hygienic conditions.   Thanks to the isothermal systems dedicated to satisfying the complex needs of the pharmaceutical world for the control and maintenance of temperatures, FIDEL is able to offer a drug transport service, with various ranges: + 2 °c/+ 8 °c, + 9 °c/+ 15 °c, + 15 °c/ + 25 °c. The company is also very attentive to compliance with safety standards, respect for the environment and offers services of high quality standards. FIDEL assures its customers that it complies with the regulations within highly regulated markets such as the pharmaceutical and the transport of dangerous goods. The service also has the most advanced GPS technology for locating the load, whether it is a single neck, a pallet or a full load. Fidel, with a half-century experience, operates with its own means as an international forwarding agent offering international transport and shipping services by land throughout Europe in particular East Europe and other non-European countries.