Trailers and Semitrailers

All sheeted semitrailers are up/down and cover/unhide, open from the top, from the side and from the rear, have firm load belts, load stop bars, non-slip mats and plastic corners. Many of these are semi-trailers with coil or extendable holes to maintain a payload width of 2.55 m. Over the entire length of the medium. All vehicles can carry hazardous ADR goods. Semitrailer-Dimensions (Lu) 13.60 x (La) 2.48 x (h) 2.70 semitrailer curtainsiders with load safety certificate XL EN 12642 BDE and with coil hole-dimensions (LU) 13.60 x (LA) 2.55 x (h) 2.80 semitrailer-Dimensions (LU) 13.60 x (LA) 2.48 x (h) 3.00 semi-trailer Refrigerators-Dimensions (LU) 13.60 x (LA) 2.45 x (h) 2.60 semitrailer Tipper-Dimensions (LU) 12.00 x (LA) 2.20 x (h) 2.00 extendable semitrailers to have a convenient load width-dimensions (Lu) 13.60 x (La) 2.48 x (h) 2.70 or 3.00 tractor + trailer Large volume-Dimensions (115MCB)