Where are we

The facilities

In the main office are the logistic and administrative offices and one of the warehouses. The latter, recently realized, is located inside the industrial Logistic center of Correzzola in the province of Padua. There are about 2,000 sqm of covered area and 30,000 square meters of surface area that enjoy a strategic position on the front of motorways A13, A4 and Strada E55, central hub for freight traffic between Milan/Bologna/Padua/Trieste and consequently for All European countries.

The Warehouses

The warehouses have been specially structured for logistic operators, in fact they have flaps at height of M 1.20 on one side and of doors with satin on the opposite side. The useful height is m. 9.00, there are areas for storing and correct preservation of products that require a controlled temperature and humidity condition.

FIDEL-head Office

FIDEL-Operational Headquarters

FIDEL-Legal seat